Thursday, March 26, 2009

Waiting for Burritos - by Leslie

Most every summer we spend a week or so at Jeff's mom's beach house in Carolina Beach. In nearby Wilmington there is a fantastic Tex-mex restaurant called Flaming Amy's and up until a couple years ago they had a satellite location at the beach. This little scene is from that restaurant. As we sat waiting for our order, Jeff took a picture of the salt and pepper shakers on the table with the light streaming in from the window. If you look carefully, you can just make out the reflection of Jeff holding the camera. As I painted this, I could almost taste those Amy's burritos (the best I have eaten north or south of the border!) If you find yourself in Wilmington make sure to check them out, and you will recognize the thick glass salt and pepper shakers.

Waiting for Burritos - 10" x 10" oil on canvas

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  1. Welcome to Blogger. I look forward to seeing more of your work